The DDB Geographic Information System (GIS) is an online map that displays data, statistics and information on the different anti-drug programs conducted across the country.  

It is designed to aid policy-makers, member-agencies and stakeholders in analyzing the extent of drug prevention and control efforts initiated in the different cities, municipalities, and regions of the country.

Currently, the different programs and the locations where these were held can already be seen on the DDB GIS. The colored areas on the map are the regions and provinces reached by the different programs of the Board.

Some of the plotted programs are: Seminar on Board Regulation Updates for Doctors, Pharmacists and Allied Professionals; Seminar Workshop on Dangerous Drugs Law for Judges, Prosecutors and Law enforcers; Systematic Training for Effective Parenting or STEP; school-based and community-based Barkada Kontra Droga launchings; and Life Skills Trainings.

The public may now also access the DDB GIS to find the location and details of accredited treatment and rehabilitation centers nationwide. Citizens would now be able to know what rehabilitation center is accessible to them.

The DDB continues to build its GIS database and will continue to plot data on municipality, city and up to barangay levels.

Below are the links to the different databases of the DDB GIS.

Youth Development Programs:

Parents Education Programs:

Drug-Free Workplace Programs:

Capacity Building Programs:

Special Events:

Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers: