Pursuant to Regulation No. 1, s 2014 of the Dangerous Drugs Board in relation to RA No. 9165, companies shall secure the following documents:

  • CERTIFICATE FOR NON - CONTROLLED PRODUCTS – if the substance(s) is/are not included in the list of dangerous drugs and controlled precursors and essential chemicals as defined under Section 2 of RA No. 9165
  • CERTIFICATE OF EXEMPTION – if the finished product/preparation/chemical mixtures contain controlled substances within the threshold limits set forth in the Regulation and is intended for sale to general public. Importer-end users shall also secure this Certificate
  • BOARD RESOLUTION FOR EXEMPTION – if the finished product/preparation/chemical mixtures contain controlled substances beyond the threshold limits set forth in the Regulation and the product imported is to be used by the company as part of their process or activity

All applications shall be received via the Online Application for Certification and Exemption Information System ( with the following requirements:

  1. Notarized Application Form (Code: AF) (for application for Certificates of Non-Controlled Chemicals and Exemption)
  2. Company Profile (Code: CP) (for new applicants only)
  3. Material Safety Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet, with Complete CAS Number (Code: MS) and / or Certificate from Supplier for incomplete CAS (Code: CS); or Certificate of Analysis, a complete assay for products with controlled chemicals (Code: CA). MSDS for a product must not be more than three (3) years from the time of application
  4. Updated PDEA License, for application for Certificate of Exemption (Code: PL)
  5. Formulation of the Product (Code: FP) (for manufacturers and compounders only)



1988 United Nation Convention Against illicit Traffic In Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance.

List of Controlled Chemicals
Table I Table II
Name of Precursors CAS number Name of Controlled Chemicals  CAS number
1. Acetic anhydride 108-24-7 1. Acetone 67-64-1
2. N-Acetylanthranilic acid 89-52-1 2. Anthranilic acid 118-92-3
3. Ephedrine 299-42-3 3. Ethyl ether  60-29-17
4. Ergometrine 60-79-7 4. Hydrochloric acid 7647-01-0
5. Ergotamine 113-15-5 5. Methyl ethyl ketone butanone 78-93-3
6. Isosafrole 120-58-1 6. Phenylacetic acid 103-82-2
7. Lysergic acid 82-58-6 7. Piperidine 110-89-4
8. 3,4-Methylenedioxyphenyl-2-propanone  4676-39-5 8. Sulphuric acid 7664-93-9
9. Norephedrine 14838-15-4 9. Toluene 108-88-3
10. 4-Anilino-N-phenethylpiperidine (ANPP) 21409-26-7    
11. N-Phenethyl-4-piperidone (NPP) 39742-60-4    
12. Phenylacetic acid 103-82-2    
13. alpha-Phenylacetoacetonitrile (APAAN) 4468-48-8    
14. 1-Phenyl-2-propanone 103-79-7    
15. Piperonal 120-57-0    
16. Potassium permanganate 7722-64-7 Thionyl Chloride 7719-09-7
17. Pseudoephedrine 90-82-4    
18. Safrole 94-59-7    


Download the updated list of Controlled Substances as of April 2022, click here to download the list.