“A message of hope: Drug use disorders are preventable and treatable.”

This year’s World Drug Day or the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (IDADAIT) celebration is anchored on the United Nations (UN) prescribed theme that gives emphasis on the importance of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

The Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) will be leading the celebration on June 26 by mobilizing student groups, youth organizations, anti-drug abuse councils, local government units, national government agencies, and other organizations to join a mountain climbing/hiking activity from Tanay Park to Poblacion Grotto in Tanay, Rizal.

Dubbed as a “hike to a drug-free country,” the activity aims to show a strong and united front against the drug menace.

Alongside supply reduction efforts, the DDB strengthens demand reduction initiatives on drug abuse prevention and treatment and rehabilitation.

The DDB has instituted a range of educational programs and services designed to address the needs of every sector of the society. Trainings on enhancing personal and interpersonal, leadership and other life skills of the youth are installed. Parents are given training on effective and responsible parenting. Employers and workers are also provided with programs that help ensure safe and drug-free workplaces. Capacity-building programs are also given to educators, community leaders and workers, health professionals, and members of the criminal justice system.

As an important component of the demand reduction strategy, treatment and rehabilitation is also given importance. A chance to be treated and rehabilitated is afforded to those who have fallen prey to drugs. Through the use of effective treatment modalities, drug dependents are being trained to kick out the habit and become productive citizens of the society once again.

The DDB and the DOH continually monitor trends in treatment and rehabilitation as well as issues and concerns that former drug dependents and their families face.