HRseminar1The Dangerous Drugs Board’s personnel officers attended a seminar conducted by the Personnel Officers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (POAP), last June 24-27, 2014 at Golden Valley Hotel, Cebu City. 45 government employees attended the said seminar.

POAP is an association that aims to foster active interest in sound public personnel management/HRM. It serves as a clearing- house for information on relevant personnel management/ HRM methods and techniques.

Ms. Virginia Nañagas-Bactad, POAP President welcomed the participants and discussed the significance of Values: Critical Components of Enhanced Performance. She also talked about the importance of behavior of one’s values, attitudes and performance as these will help people to interact freely and carry the positive attitude towards work.

”Values play a big part in our daily lives, it starts with us and the rest follows,” Ms. Nañagas-Bactad emphasized. She further explained that public officials and employees should abide by and observe the ethical standards as public servants to provide positive motivation and develop personal growth.

Atty. Edelwina D.G Parungao, POAP Vice- President, explained the value of ethics in public service. “Social Responsibility is defined as the mode of ethics that requires us to act in a way to benefit society. It is a subcategory of ethics that dictates how we should make decisions or live our lives,” she explained.HRseminar2

Atty. Parungao also mentioned that those who practice the principles of social responsibility make decisions that will provide the greater welfare for society at large, even if that means sacrificing their own personal needs or wants.

Highlight of the seminar is the workshop where participants actively shared their own opinions and ideas regarding the topic.