In a move to provide help and easy access to patients who come from far flung areas, and hospices catering to elderly patients, Board Regulation No. 3 S. 2003 was repealed through Board Regulation No. 1 Series of 2014.

Under this new regulation, government physicians with S2 licenses can now make prescriptions to patients for 24 hours, instead of the previous 8-hour provision.

Salient features of the new Board Regulation include the following:
A. Prescription
        - easy access to drug medicine prescribed by physicians
- it removed the ceiling regarding the number of medicine to be prescribed.
- the authority of government physicians with s2 licenses to prescribe from office hours is now extended and available for 24 hours.
- some pain medication preparations were exempted in using yellow prescription.

B. Regulations on Exportations, importations of chemicals
- prescribed cut-off levels per chemical which enables automatic exemption to some chemicals.
        - new processes were added and all forms were standardized.
- set new guidelines on airline and ship handling of dangerous drugs.
- provision about animals were included, with regards to prescribing medicines by veterinarians.

C. Penalties
-it is now clearly categorized per offense basis. e.g.: 1st offense-penalty, 2nd offense-penalty, 3rd offense-penalty.
- all penalties were consolidated repealing previous regulations providing for penalties.

D. Minor Changes:
        -  nomenclature changes
        - defined new terms
        - annexes became more detailed and all forms were standardized.

Board Regulation No. 1 series of 2014 was approved by the Dangerous Drugs Board December 2014, and will take effect March 13, 2015. Proceed to the Downloads section for the full text of the new regulation.