In anticipation of the influx of people in churches and shrines for the coming Holy Week, Dangerous Drugs Board Chairman Secretary Felipe L. Rojas, Jr., advised law enforcers to exercise caution and vigilance in preventing drug-related crimes and activities.

Hotels, resorts, and tourist destinations where locals and foreigners alike, are expected to converge should also be safeguarded from illegal drug activities, the memorandum from Sec. Rojas to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) reads.

This memo was issued as part of the DDB’s efforts to ensure that policies and strategies to protect the citizens from the evils of drugs are strongly implemented.

Syndicates take no break from illegal drug activities as indicated by several incidents recorded by PDEA during the observance of Holy Week in the past years.

The DDB chairman reminded law enforcers to never take their guard down and continue to live up with their commitment to keep people safe.

Local government officials are also requested to implement measures to safeguard members and visitors of their communities.

The DDB is the country’s lead agency on drug prevention and control mandated to develop and adopt a comprehensive, integrated, unified and balanced national anti-drug strategy.