The Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) has gained more allies in the campaign against drugs through senior citizens’ group.

In a concluded seminar for Drug Abuse Prevention Education for Senior Citizens held at Ciudad Christia Resort, San Mateo Rizal on April 4-5, 2016, the group of senior citizens pledged their support to the government’s fight against drugs.

Among the participants of the seminar are retired government employees and members of different senior citizens’ associations.

Mrs. Matilde Prudenciado, a member of the Association of DOH Retired Employees and participant to the seminar, said that their role in the society, especially in the battle against drug abuse did not stop when they retired.

“We are attending this seminar in order to have additional knowledge about drug abuse prevention that will eventually be imparted to our community starting from our family, our children and grandchildren,” Mrs. Prudenciado said.

As participants of the seminar, they are trained to conduct re-echo seminars that will educate the members of their community.

“Compared to other drug advocates, we, the senior citizens, are more experienced in this field that makes it our advantage to help the country spread the advocacy against illegal drugs,” Mrs. Prudenciado explained.

“We are only retired from our government work, but we are not retiring from our role of imparting to the next generation how drugs affect the health and safety of our communities,” she added.

At the age of 64, Mrs. Prudenciado continue to attend seminars on drug abuse prevention education because for her, being a drug advocate has no age requirement. Everyone can contribute to the efforts of freeing our country from the evils of drugs.