Parole and Probation Officers (PPOs) from NCR, Regions II to V and CAR are now authorized to process petitions for confinement to treatment and rehabilitation centers.

In an orientation seminar conducted by the Dangerous Drugs Board last week, 96 PPOs were enlisted as DDB-authorized representatives who can now facilitate requests or petitions from drug dependents or their families who wish to be admitted to a treatment and rehabilitation facility.

New DDB-authorized representatives are from the National Capital Region (NCR), Regions II, III, IV, V and Cordillera Administrative Region.

This will answer concerns on the absence of legal officers in the regions to help facilitate petition for confinement to treatment and rehabilitation.

The DDB has a standing Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Parole and Probation Administration (PPA) that authorizes PPOs to be designated as DDB representatives to assist patients from different regions in filing court petitions for treatment and rehabilitation.

During the orientation seminar, Usec. Jose Marlowe S. Pedregosa, DDB Executive Director, emphasized the big role of PPOs in helping provide accessible services to the public especially those in the regions.

Selected PPOs who are now DDB-authorized representatives are oriented on their duties and responsibilities in facilitating and processing petitions for confinement, the treatment and rehabilitation process, as well as the aftercare program.