The Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) is saddened by recent news of lives lost due to alleged drug taking.

As the country’s lead agency on drug prevention and control, the DDB will conscientiously monitor the investigation of this case, make responsible parties answer for any lapses in security and violation of laws, and review existing policies and programs to prevent incidents such as this from happening.

We would also like to remind the public especially the youth to be vigilant and wary especially now that our law enforcement agencies have recorded a rise in the incidence of abuse of new psychoactive substances.

Like what we always say in our campaigns, what these drugs and substances offer is a false panacea. They offer nothing than a false and fleeting high with dangers that can sometimes lead to death.

As we strengthen law enforcement efforts and intelligence operations to arrest drug syndicates and perpetrators, we will also intensify our drug prevention and awareness programs to educate the people on the ill effects of drugs and capacitate and empower them to resist its lures.