President Rodrigo Duterte has named a new head of the Dangerous Drugs Board.

The new chairman of the DDB is its former Assistant Secretary and Deputy Executive Director for Operations, Benjamin P. Reyes.

With his years of experience on the anti-drug advocacy and his background on health, Secretary Reyes will lead the DDB as it continues to develop and implement a balanced and comprehensive strategy against drugs.

Meanwhile, outgoing Secretary Rojas has ended his stint at the DDB in high spirits as he was able to oversee accomplishment of a number of the Board’s target. Among these are the development of guidelines on handling surrendering drug personalities, partnership with the Public Attorney’s Office on processing of petitions for confinement to treatment and rehabilitation, and presentation of proposed amendments to RA 9165 in the Congress.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to serve and work with the people of the DDB,” he said during the general assembly of DDB employees on Friday morning where he also announced the appointment of the new Chairman.

Outgoing Secretary Rojas is set to focus on his family and private business but will continue to support the anti-drug advocacy. “I am looking on helping support treatment and rehabilitation of some drug dependents,” he said.
He also said that he is certain that Sec. Reyes will continue to improve the services of the DDB.  “Keep up the good work,” he further told employees.

The DDB Secretariat received the appointment papers of Sec. Reyes as Chairman of the DDB, vice Felipe L. Rojas, Jr., dated 24 August 2016.

Sec. Reyes will take his oath of office next week.