A Memorandum of Agreement has been signed today by the Dangerous Drugs Board and the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor for the implementation of an anti-drug program dubbed as "Urban Poor Kontra Droga: Harnessing Capacities for Drug Free Communities."

ddb pcup 02 09 2017 001The program aims to build the capacities of peoples' organizations in taking action against the proliferation of illegal drugs and drug abuse in urban poor communities.

In a press conference following the MOA signing, DDB Chairman Sec. Benjamin P. Reyes explained the importance of this partnership between DDB and PCUP. He said that this program will try to address both the symptom that is drug use and the cause which is poverty. "In addressing the drug problem, we should also address poverty in the community," Sec. Reyes said.

As the direct link of the urban poor to the government, the PCUP shall organize leaders and change makers in the communities who shall then undergo capacity-building programs from the DDB. They will be trained to help increase awareness on the impact of drug abuse in the community and facilitate the development of an anti-drug community plan.

ddb pcup 02 09 2017 002The program also aims to identify and provide alternative activities for segments vulnerable to drug abuse.

The first activity under this partnership, the National Training of Trainers on Drug Abuse Prevention Education for PCUP Area Coordinators, is scheduled on March 1 to 3, 2017.

This is part of the efforts of the DDB to strengthen anti-drug programs and interventions in the communities.