“I do not have any property in Ozamiz City.” DDB Chairman Dionisio R. Santiago clarifies, following insinuations that a vacant lot beside a rest house owned by the Parojinogs belonged to him.

This statement is issued after a news report on the television network, TV5, on Police Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido referring to DDB Chairman Secretary Dionisio R. Santiago as the owner of a mansion in Barangay Stimson Abordo, Ozamis City.

The DDB Chairman would like to make it clear that the said owner is not him. While they may share the last name, it is not anyone related to him.

Chairman Santiago demands that Chief Inspector Espenido correct the report and shed light on the matter to avoid confusion and further insinuations that unnecessarily damage the reputation of people, in this case Sec. Santiago.

He also calls on the media to help the government inform the public of facts that will help them understand the prevailing social issues that matter. He is encouraging the media to continue to strengthen the practice of responsible journalism.

As a partner in the campaign against drugs, the DDB will continue to support the efforts of law enforcement against illegal drug perpetrators both in and out of government.