The Dangerous Drugs Board reiterates to government officials and employees the stricter sanction set for those in the public sector who will be involved in illegal drugs.

In an issued Board Regulation No. 2, Series of 2017, dated 14 February 2017, DDB mandated a sanction of dismissal at first offense for government officials and employees who will be found positive for use of illegal drugs. Among others, this includes law enforcers, military officers, and teachers who are persons in authority in their respective settings.

DDB Board Regulations have the effect of law. DDB Chairman Secretary Catalino S. Cuy emphasized that the use of illegal drugs is a serious violation of the law and is considered a grave misconduct punishable by dismissal at first offense. “As civil servants, we must be held accountable for all our actions. We must serve as the model in promoting healthy and drug-free lifestyle,” he said.

To protect workers from the influence of illegal drugs, the DDB compels all offices, both in the public and the private sector, to implement a drug-free workplace program. This includes the formulation of a drug-free workplace policy, conduct of substance abuse awareness programs, and administration of drug testing, among others.

Earlier this year, DDB also sought for the support of the Civil Service Commission in resolving the conflicting provisions in the DDB regulation and the CSC Memorandum Circular on the sanction for public officials and employees. This followed after DDB issued the regulation adopting the previous Civil Service Commission sanction of dismissal at first offense. However, in April of the same year, a memorandum circular amending the sanction from dismissal to treatment and rehabilitation was issued by the CSC.

The DDB maintains that a stricter policy must be set for public officials and employees to maintain the integrity of civil institutions in reiteration of the current administration’s firm resolve against the illegal drugs menace.