The 1st ASEAN Convention on Drug Abuse Prevention Education begins today at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Quezon City.

The Philippines, through the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), the country’s lead agency on drug abuse prevention and control, gathers youth leaders and young professionals from ASEAN Member Countries for a three-day convention on December 5-7, 2018.

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This aims to strengthen the involvement of various colleges and universities in reducing the demand for drugs among students and educators. It also intends to foster cooperation among stakeholders and concerned agencies and organizations in the promotion of drug prevention and the protection of human rights following the Philippine Anti-Illegal Drug Strategy (PADS) and the ASEAN Workplan in Securing Communities.

Participants are expected to present and critique the Country Youth Action Plan against Drug Use which will serve as policy recommendations to the ASEAN platform.

During its opening ceremony, DDB Chairman, Secretary Catalino S. Cuy, emphasized the role of young people as an advocate for all the anti-drug campaign.

“I find this convention as an avenue where we could place young people in the frontline of our anti-drug campaign. Hand in hand with everyone, we create tools that will make them understand the role that they will carry to effectively advocate for a balanced and holistic approach in addressing the drug problem,” he stated.

Attendees will also undergo workshops that will harness their capacity to help in addressing the drug problem. They will have a chance to visit the Malacañang Museum to give them a glimpse of the country’s rich culture and history.

Armed with what they learn from the convention, participants will draw up anti-drug plan of actions which they will implement in their respective countries and deliver a Declaration to advocate the importance of drug abuse prevention and control.