The Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) welcomes the latest SWS Survey showing an 82% satisfaction rate on the government’s campaign against illegal drugs in the country.

The survey is a proof of the strong support of the Filipino people in the government’s anti-drug campaign beginning with the policies and programs that put premium to the seriousness of the government in creating safe and secured spaces for the people.

Furthermore, it is a reflection of successful anti-drug initiatives through the Philippine Anti-Illegal Drug Strategy (PADS).

“We welcome the positive turnout of the anti-drug efforts anchored on PADS that has reflected in the high satisfaction rating. This strongly shows that the whole country is behind us in institutionalizing drug abuse prevention and control,” states DDB Secretary Catalino Cuy.

The Board maximizes the momentum from the priority given by the President in fulfilling the Administration’s strong pursuit against illegal drugs which was reiterated through Executive Order No. 66, by putting in place the Philippine Anti-Illegal Drugs Strategy as the framework of action.

Believing that the government implementation of the balanced approach of channeling efforts on both supply and demand reduction aspects has made the popular net satisfaction rating attainable.

“We commend the efforts of the different national government agencies, local government units and the law enforcement arms such as the Philippine National Police and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in the successes reached so far. These key partners have been responsive and active in their duties in cascading drug prevention and control programs throughout the country. We will continue to implement this whole of nation approach to guarantee the effectiveness of our serious deliverables,” added Secretary Cuy.

The Dangerous Drugs Board remains steadfast in its commitment to utilize the best available resources and platforms to establish drug-free communities.