The Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) on Tuesday formally launched an online system for the application of certificate of exemption and certification of controlled substances.

Known as the Online Application for Certification and Exemption Information System (OAECIS), it is a web-based information system for applying, receiving, analyzing, processing and releasing of Non-Controlled Chemicals and Certificates of Exemption for Products or Chemical Mixtures that contained Controlled Substances.

The OAECIS is an improved platform and online system of Application for Certification and Exemption Database System, known as ACEDS.

The Board reviews and evaluates requests for certification and exemption for products/ chemical mixtures containing controlled chemicals as mandated by Board Regulation No. 1, Series of 2014.

The launching and testing of the system was attended by representatives from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Region IV-A, Bureau of Customs, and 28 pharmaceutical and chemical companies from the National Capital Region, Cebu City, and Region IV-A.

In a message, DDB Deputy Executive Director for Administration, Assistant Secretary Walter Besas, mentioned the significance of providing an effective and quality service to the public.

“The DDB is committed to ensure that the government services rendered to the clients are done effectively. We envision to provide the public a service free from bureaucratic red tape and corruption,” he said.

Besas also underscored the importance of synergy between the DDB, the pharmaceutical and chemical companies to improve the system. “The key to an effective innovation will always be the people behind it. The people using the system, the people keying the information.”

A manifesto was also signed to signify the companies’ unwavering support and commitment to take part in the necessary activities to ensure that OACEIS meets the requirements for an efficient and effective application and monitoring system.

The development of OACEIS is DDB’s commitment to continuous improvement of services rendered to its clients pursuant to RA 11032, or the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service.