The Dangerous Drugs Board welcomes President Rodrigo Duterte’s signing of Republic Act No. 11521, strengthening the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001.

“This is a significant development in the campaign against illegal drugs. Now that the amendment has been passed, it will greatly help in the aspects of prosecution and judicial measures of our anti-drug campaign,” said DDB Chairman Secretary Catalino S. Cuy.

He explained that this will also strengthen the conduct of financial investigation for drug cases. “By looking into the channels where drug traffickers funnel money for their illegal drug trading activities, we will have better chances of catching and prosecuting the big fish,” he added.

From a policy standpoint, DDB will work with the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) to ensure collaboration among anti-drug law enforcement agencies and other government agencies implementing the Philippine Anti-Illegal Drugs Strategy. PADS also advocates for the proper investigation of suspicious financial transactions that can be drug-related.

Since 2016, the DDB, as the policy making body on drug matters, has been lobbying for the amendment of the Anti-Money Laundering Law to strengthen measures and mechanisms that will complement the anti-drug priorities of the current Administration.