The Dangerous Drugs Board, in partnership with the Land Bank of the Philippines, utilizes alternative payment channels that are accessible and convenient to its clients and stakeholders.

Using the Linkbiz portal accessible at, the public may now pay for their transactions through online bank transfers and other available over-the- counter (OTC) payment channels.

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Here is a quick guide on how to use the Linkbiz portal for payment transactions to the DDB.

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  1. Access the Landbank LinkBiz Portal at, and click the Pay Now button.
    Cash Payment 01
  2. The Select Merchant page will appear. Search and select the "Dangerous Drugs Board" and click the Continue button.
    Cash Payment 02
  3. On the Select Transaction page, choose the type of transaction you wish to pay then click Continue button.

    Note: Payment transactions can be for licenses, other fees, penalty, and permits.
    Licenses – applications for S or P licenses (new and renewal)
    Other Fees – applications for Certification or Exemption
    Penalty – payment of fines
    Permits – payment of imports and exports regulatory fees
    Cash Payment 03
  4. Completely fill out the required transaction details. check the Terms and Conditions then click the Continue button to proceed to the third-party payment channel.

    Amount – total amount to pay for (e.g.: 300)
    Type – specific transaction (e.g.: certification, exemption, S-License new/renewal, P-License new/renewal, fines, import regulatory fee)
    Name of Payor – name of company (if application is for certification or exemption) or name of client (if application is for S or P License new and renewal)
    Reference Number – exact transaction number indicated in the application
    Email Address – active email address (this is where the confirmation receipt will be sent)

    Cash Payment 04 final

    Payment Mode – choose Cash Payment if you will opt to pay on other payment centers

  5. Select the payment mode or method from the dropdown menu. Clients may pay via bank transfers using their bank account from Land Bank or other banks. "Cash Payment" may also be selected from the dropdown menu to perform over-the-counter cash payment at different payment channels.
    Cash Payment 05 main
  6. Verify the Captcha code and click the check box after reading the Terms and Conditions, then click "Continue".
  7. A page will appear containing the required information to be filled out depending on the chosen payment method.
    For payment using Land Bank or other bank accounts, enter the account details and other required information.
    For "Cash Payment", follow the following steps.
    • A new page will be displayed prompting the client to select preferred third-party payment method.
    Cash Payment 05b
    • Click the payment center where you want to pay.
    • The payment details for the chosen payment center will be displayed.
    Cash Payment 05c final• Click the Proceed button. A prompt will appear to reconfirm your choice.
    Cash Payment 05d final• The payment details will be displayed. Check the accuracy of the information.
    Cash Payment 05e final• Follow the payment instructions sent to the email address registered in the portal.
    Cash Payment 05f
    • Once the application is paid, another email will be sent containing the payment confirmation which will also serve as the Official Receipt.