(Item No. DDB-OEOB-STAT5-1-1998)

Education: Masteral Degree
Experience: Four (4) years in position/s involving management and supervision
Training: Twenty-four (24) hours of training in management and supervision
Eligibility: Career Service (Professional/Second Level Eligibility)

• Plans, coordinates and supervises division staff actions on the development of programs on research and statistics;
• Reviews, completes staff work and recommends policies rules and regulations and standards on drug prevention and control;
• Coordinates and supervises division staff work on development of clinical, social and psychological research programs to improve legal policies, and regulatory methods and techniques on drug prevention and control;
• Coordinates staff work on the development and presentation of research and statistical information and other related data from various treatment and rehabilitation centers, hospitals, courts, etc. and forecast trends on annual use and misuse of dangerous drugs of the country;
• Provides research and statistical reports and data to international bodies and organizations in conformity to established international agreements;
• Reviews and recommends all completed division staff work for conformity to policies, rules and regulations set by the Board;
• Coordinates technical assistance to other divisions and government agencies;
• Maintains liaison with other government research and statistical agencies; and
• Performs other assignments as directed by the Executive Director and higher authorities of the Board.                           

QUALIFIED APPLICANTS are advised to apply online.