(Item No. DDB-OEOB-CADOF-8-2004)

Education: Masteral Degree
Experience: Four (4) years in position/s involving management and supervision
Training: Twenty-four (24) hours of training in management and supervision
Eligibility: Career Service (Professional/Second Level Eligibility)

• Reviews, initials and submits for approval, all completed administrative staff actions to ensure conformity to applicable laws, rules and regulations and all other administrative issuances;
• Coordinate staff work assistance with other divisions on Administrative and other matters involving    plans, projects to formulate recommendations of Board actions;
• Makes representation in behalf of the Executive Director in dealing with other agencies (government     and private) on administrative matters;
• Prepares communications relative to trainings, scholarships and coordination on drug abuse prevention and control;
• Whenever required, renders advice on matters involving personnel/administrative management problems;
• Acts as the principal staff assistant in matters pertaining and/or relating to financial and management   activities of the Board;
• Supervises the proper utilization of funds which includes reviewing and signing of vouchers and checks issued by the Board;
• Recommends for Board’s action criteria for determining priorities for existing and proposed projects   and activities;
• Supervises the maintenance of basic accounting records and books of accounts to reflect accuracy on the financial condition and results of operations of the agency;
• Supervises the preparation, consolidation and submission of financial statement and reports to proper authorities; and
• Makes representations in behalf of the Board in the course of budget contacts with the Office of Budget and Management/other government authorities in connection with the preparation of special budgets, financial and work plans and request for allotments.

QUALIFIED APPLICANTS are advised to apply online.