(Item No. DDB-OEOB-SADOF-10-2004)

Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Experience: Three (3) years of relevant experience
Training: Sixteen (16) hours of relevant training
Eligibility: Career Service (Professional/Second Level Eligibility)

• Provides assistance and support to the Chief, AFMD in problem solving, project planning and management, and development and execution of goals and objectives;
• Assists the Chief, AFMD in the planning and development of the detailed objectives and work and financial program to serve as basis of estimates for the budget year;
• Assists in the supervision of realignment and control of amounts and objectives agreed upon for the Board’s programs/projects into operating budget for each responsible organizational unit;
• Performs research and analysis on specific issues, as required, and independently prepares non-routine letters and/or reports, which may not be confidential in nature;
• Assists in the coordination, supervision and completion of special projects, as appropriate;
• Assists the Chief, AFMD in the preparation of special budgets, financial and work plans and request for allotments of the Board; and
• Renders technical assistance and perform other related duties that may be assigned from time to time.

QUALIFIED APPLICANTS are advised to apply online.