(Item No. DDB-OEOB-PLO3-1-1998)

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce/Business Administration major in Accounting
Experience: Two (2) years of relevant experience
Training: Eight (8) hours of relevant training
Eligibility: Career Service (Professional/Second Level Eligibility)

• Supervises and coordinates the study and conduct of research work on the development of long range and annual fiscal plans and programs of the Board;
• Studies/reviews operations for such re-programming as necessary in accordance with actual resources available, including cut-backs or increase support on activities where emphasis in operations are set by the Board to be placed either under the category of unprogrammed or programmed;
• Evaluates periodically performance reports to follow-up trends of project development and/or deviations from plans and integrate information to the overall plans;
• Studies and prepares criteria for determining priorities for proposed projects and draft recommendations on projects selected for funding and execution including financial schemes;
• Studies/monitors the progress of implemented projects for conformity with the standards and objectives as set by the Board;
• Prepares and drafts guidelines and instruction for the preparation of the Board’s budget; and
• Collaborates with the Budget Officer in assisting management in the presentation of the Board’s budget proposal.

QUALIFIED APPLICANTS are advised to apply online.