IAC-DAPE Members: DDB’s Partners in Advocacy


The DDB understands the necessity of maintaining collaborative relationships with government agencies and non-government organizations to implement drug abuse prevention initiatives and improve strategies. This has paved way for the creation of the Inter-Agency Committee on Drug Abuse Prevention Education (IAC-DAPE) on August 2, 1974. This serves mainly as a focal point through which organizations and individuals can work together cooperatively in the planning of educational programs and materials.

It also serves as a channel through which the DDB can follow-through the commitments of agencies in the implementation of the integrated program of action to prevent and control drug abuse, and further strengthen interagency relationship.

The IAC-DAPE, collaborates with the DDB’s Preventive Education, Training and Information Division (PETID) in the:

• Preparation of guidelines for the integration of drug abuse prevention education programs for youth, parents, community leaders and school personnel in the various programs of the government and voluntary agencies;

• Review of educational program of each agency before this is presented to the Dangerous Drugs Board for approval so as to eliminate possible duplication of plans and efforts;

• Review of information materials on drug abuse for approval of the Board;

• Pooling together of technical knowledge and resources on drug abuse prevention education; and

• Preparation of program-oriented communications strategy on drug abuse prevention and control.


Advocacy Partners

1. Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency 21. Angono Anti-Drug Abuse Council
2. Department of Education 22. Pililia Anti-Drug Abuse Council
3. Department of Social Welfare and Development 23. Rizal Anti-Drug Abuse Office
4. UP-ASEAN Center for Training on Drug Abuse Prevention and Control 24. Taytay Anti-Drug Abuse Council
5. Philippine Information Agency 25. Trinity University of Asia
6. Parole and Probation Administration 26. Daet Anti-Drug Abuse Council
7. Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council of Tanay 27. North Phil. Union Mission of Seventh-Day Adventists
8. San Juan del Monte Bulacan Anti-Drug Abuse Council 28. HEART Foundation
9. Quezon City Anti-Drug Abuse Council 29. Drug Free Phils.
10. Taguig Anti-Drug Abuse Council 30. Prime Movers for Peace and Progress
11. Valenzuela Anti- Drug Abuse Council 31. Boys Scouts of the Philippines
12. Malabon Anti-Drug Abuse Council 32. Kapatirang Kaunlaran People’s Coalition
13. Muntinlupa Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Office 33. MYCADA
14. Mandaluyong Anti-Drug Abuse Council 34. Addictus Phils.
15. Makati Anti-Drug Abuse Council 35. Kanlungan Sa ERMA
16. Anti-Drug Abuse Council of Pasig 36. PHILCADSA
17. Pasay City Anti-Drug Abuse Council 37. Paranaque Anti-Drug Abuse Council
18. Navotas Anti-Drug Abuse Council 38. Baras Anti-Drug Abuse Council
19. Marikina Anti-Drug Abuse Council 39. DepEd-HNC
20. Cainta Anti-Drug Abuse Council